takat1<Not Sure>1.1nShore; dry land.1.2viTo go towards shore, dry land; to come ashore out of the ocean onto the beach.Indi pa gatakat tang pamanilaw?Haven't the ones who are out fishing come to shore yet?anttogbo 11.3vtTo take, carry something to shore; to take or drag something out of the ocean onto the beach.Pagpatakat tanira tang kawayan ang nagalin ong Nasirokan.They are taking out of the ocean the bamboo that came from [the small barrio of] Nasirokan.anttogbo 1toldak2vt2.1n., locUphill from the beach.Ang balay amen asi ong patakat-takat. Our house is uphill a bit from the beach. 2.2viTo go uphill, i.e. out of town, to the fields.Tatakat tanandia ong bokid kada damal-damal.He goes uphill to the fields every morning.2.3vtTo go up to something in a field or farm in order to inspect it.Takateno kay tang kasoyo, itaben inalap si ta mamola.I'll go up to inspect my cashew trees, maybe kids have picked them again.anttegbengtoldak

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