erep11vstatUndergoer: -aninip; pootTo feel irritated, annoyed, frustrated; in extreme cases, to feel mad or angry.Gerepano mga agbitalāno ang anday tatalako.I feel angry if I am scolded when I have not done anything wrong.ov syndemet 1kayetsilag 12vtActor: magpa- Undergoer: pa--enTo provoke someone, making them irritated or angry.Indio paerepen mo, itaben yawa'y panalongan ta.Don't provoke me, you might be the one I take it all out on.makaerep1der.adjMakaerep tang koran kaldaw-kaldaw da lamang.When all it does is rain every day it is very irritating. malaerepen1der.adjDoroag kamalaerepen, indiang pisan mawid tang sadili mo.You are so easily irritated, you really can't control yourself.antmapinasinsiaen2der. ofpasinsia

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