samber1viActor: mag-harang, awatFor something to be blocking or obstructing something, getting in the way.Ang kawayan don ong landingan ipapotolo rin tenged pagsamber ong iroplano mga tomogpo.I'll have the bamboo near the airstrip cut because it gets in the way of the airplane when it lands.Indio mata-lib ong porta tenged may doroang taw ang pagsamber don.I can't pass through the door because two people are blocking the way.ov synabang 1arang 1sagang 12vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enhadlang, sagabalTo hinder or delay someone; to get in the way.Naori ami tenged may nagsamber ong yamen ang nagigistoria.We're late because someone delayed us by talking to us.Ang anao pirming pagsamber ong yen mga pagobrao.My child is always hindering me when I'm working.ov synatrassagang 1

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