paning1vi., vtActor: paning, agpaning, napaning Actor: pl. mamansipaning Actor: maning, ganing, naning Goal: paningan, agpaningan, pinaninganpunta; tungo.To go somewhere; to come; the place where someone is going, traveling to.Mandian ang pambot ang Jena ay napaning ong Cuyo.Today the pumpboat Jena went to Cuyo island.Nagsit tang siano, animan indio naning ong birtday mo.My stomach hurt, that's why I wasn't able to come to your birthday party.Pamansipaning tang mga soltiras ong Pandan Beach, mamagikskorsion ono.The teenage girls are all going to Pandan Beach, they say they'll go on an outing.Indi ami paboay tenged may paningan amen pa.We won't stay long because we still have someplace to go. antbalik 1balik 22vtUndergoer: pa--enTo cause someone to go or come; to send a person somewhere.Papaningen mo kay tarin tang nars tenged patelekano rin tang dogo.Please have the nurse come here because I would like to have my blood pressure taken.rel wdtobol 1

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