ge-ley<Not Sure>11.1adjSmall in size; little; tiny.Ge-ley pa tang baboy amen.Our pig is still small. Ipatabóan mo kay tang mga kosing gege-ley, pamantaki tani ong dibabaw.Take the kittens (lit. small cats) downstairs, they are pooping here upstairs.antmabaelmanawa1.2viFor something or someone to become smaller.Angay bato nangge-ley da tang lambongo?Why do you suppose my shirt became smaller? 1.3adjFew; small amount.Onday ka ta ge-ley tang agpanganen mo.Please give me a small amount of what you're eating.antdoro 1yadi 11.4vtTo make a small amount of something; to make something small or smaller; to reduce or decrease the size or amount of something.Gine-ley mo ra ka lamang tang linotok mong tera?Did you make the viand you cooked just a small amount? Page-leyen mo kay tang agboaten mong baskit.Make the basket you are working on small.antbael 2dakel 1doro 1.2korang ta tang geret2 2.1id. ofkorangmabaelyadi 1may ge-ley naid.1expr22.1vTo feel uncomfortable, intimitated, shy or embarrassed around others; to try to be inconspicuous (literally, to make oneself smaller).Pangge-ley ge-leyo asing don ami ra ong kombida tenged dorong mga taw.I felt embarrased when we were there at the party because there were so many people.33.1vtTo belittle or ridicule another person; to degrade someone; to put others down (lit. to make them smaller.)Agge-leyen nira tang domang taw ang mga pobri.They belittle other people who are poor.44.1advNearly; almost.Asing naosog tang nanay na, ge-ley lamang ang napatay.When my mother was cursed with diarrhea and vomiting, she nearly died.Ge-ley lamang nabo-logano rin ta nioy asing papanawo ong kanioyan.I was almost hit by a falling coconut while walking through the coconut palm grove.antalos 1korang 1rin2

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