solong1<Not Sure>1.1viTo advance, move, or walk forwards; to leave, "take off".Ala, solong da! Go on, take off!1.2vtTo move a vehicle or boat forward; to advance, move up the date of something.Agpasolong da nira tang lantsa, sigoro magalin da.They are causing the launch to go forward, perhaps it's about to leave.Teta ang pista ong Diit ang pitsa pirming gasolong. Sometimes the date of the fiesta on Diit island is always moved up. antabanti 1atrasantabanti 2isol2vt2.1vi., vtFor soldiers to attack or advance against their enemy; for a man to go to another man's house and challenge him to a fight.Sinolong tang mga sondalo tang kasoay nira.The soldiers advanced against their enemy.Solongon mo tanandia ong balay nira para matelekan da mga sinopa tang maiteg ong nindio.Go there and challenge him at their house so we can see who is the strongest of you two.3vi., vt3.1viThe initial visitation of the boy's parents to the home of the girl's parents, to ask for her hand in marriage.Somolong ita ra! Magprisintar ita ra!Let's go to the girl's house! Let's present (i.e. our son to them)!Mga aliog da, ang mga pamansisolong pamagsalodo ba-lo paka-yaten.When it's time for the traditional wedding ceremony, the ones who are walking towards the house keep on bowing and dancing before they are invited up inside.

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