nioy1nniyogCoconut fruit (the nut), or coconut palm tree.Ang wi ta nioy masinlong bolong ong taw ang pagtaki-taki.Coconut water is a good remedy for a person with diarrhea.Maosay ang mangondiot ta nioy si Juan.Juan is skilled at climbing coconut trees. Indi maboay tang katep mga ang gamiten ay daon ta nioy. A roof won't last long if coconut palm leaves are what are used in making it.2npapa ta nioyCoconut palm tree.3nwi ta nioyCoconut water.4pl. nkanioyanCoconut palm grove.See the Appendices for a drawing of a coconut tree with the parts labeled. The various parts of the tree have many uses. The trunk can be chainsawed into lumber for building houses; the fronds are used for making woven shingles for roofs; brooms are made out of the midribs; the nectar from the flower is gathered for coconut wine or made into vinegar; the meat, or flesh, inside the nut can be used for making desserts and coconut milk gata which is used in cooking, and for making copra. Grated coconut meat is also fed to pigs. The different stages of growth of the nut are as follows, beginning with the youngest: bokol, sablay, beteng, bengel, lino, lango, longayan.

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