sapat1nInvisible little people, evil spirits, or demons; a large, frightful beast.Ang mga sapat gistar ong kamalingetan.Evil spirits live in places with lots of underbrush.Pirming galipat ong bokid tang soltiros ang asi, ganing tanira agtangayen ono ta sapat. That teenage boy is always being lost in the hills, they say that he is being befriended by little invisible people. Indio magparet ong inaning na, na inita na ono ang limintaw tang tatang mabael ang sapat ong talsi.I don't believe what he said, that he saw a huge beast appear out of the sea.Sapata! You are an evil spirit! Older people say that these beings live in the forest, sometimes in large trees or near water. They like to tease people, befriend them, or make them sick, particularly with skin diseases.; This is a rude expression used when angry at someone, similar to calling them a devil.ov syndoindiimpilisrel wdmalignosorab2 1

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