asirarchaicvtUndergoer: -entanggap, turingTo receive, accept something or someone; to regard, consider, count, or treat a person in a certain way; to admit to something.Maski india maliag ong babay ang asia asiren mo ra ka enged ang logod mo komo katawa ra tang logod mo.Even though you don't like that woman accept her as your sister because she's the wife of your brother.Asiren mong ana mo tang angken mong asiang gistar ong nio.Consider as your child that niece of yours who is living with you.Indi enged asireno tang rigalo mo.I really will not accept your gift.Onopa, indi asiren mong talak mo?What, will you not admit it was your fault?ov synkabig1risibirel wdako1 1

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