elet1adj., advmaelet, kaelethigpitTight; tightly; firm, strong; strict; stern, sternly.Be-keten mo ta maelet, itaben mapo-lot.Tie it up tightly, it might get loose.Dorog kaelet tang pagtalig na ong Dios.Her faith in God is very strong. Maelet tang toyon na ong mga ana nang indi tanira magalin ong balay.Her parting instruction to her children was strict that they should not leave the house.antlogak 2ov synigpit 1mapoirsa2vtUndergoer: -enTo tighten something that is tied or screwed on; close tightly.Elten mo tang dapa tang pabanglo agod indi tongaw.Tighten the lid of the perfume so it won't evaporate.3vtUndergoer: pa--enTo tighten; to make firm; to secure something.Paeleten mo kay tang pamoyot mo tang boao.Please tighten your grasp on my hair (i.e. in pulling it back to make a ponytail).Paeleten ta tang pagtalig ta ong Dios.Let's make firm (lit. tighten) our faith in God.antlogak 1rel wdbaked 1poirsa 1tangkeb 1

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