laot-laotadv., adjFor people, animals to be able to go into a place unhindered; for wind, rain to directly enter a window, door; to be very direct in speaking to a person; to speak frankly. (This is not polite to do in Agutaynen culture.)Anda ray pagkobring ayo animan laot-laot da tang mageyep mga pamagio.There is no more tree cover and so the wind comes directly in here when there is a typhoon.Ang solar amen laot-laot lamang tang mga taw tenged pirming abri tang poirta tang kodal.Our yard is easily entered by people because the gate of the fence is always open.Angay mga mitalā laot-laot? India matakong magdandan?Why is it when you speak it is so direct? Don't you know how to talk discreetly?ov syndiritso 1rel wddan

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