lobog1viActor: lombog, lolbog, limimbog Goal: lo-ganhigaTo lie down on something, usually to rest or sleep.Lombogo kay ta ge-ley komo masīt tang kolō.I'll just lie down for a short time because my head hurts.Ang aglo-gano mga labí ay ang lamisan tenged malamig-lamíg tang tabla.What I lie on at night is the table because the wood is cool.2viActor: maglobog, maglobog-lobogTo stay in bed, due to illness; to lie around, being lazy.Sia indi mago-ya tang masit mo mga pirmiang maglobog. Your sickness won't get better if you just stay in bed (lit. just lie down).Angay paglobog-loboga pa, kaldaw da!Why are you still lying there, it's already daytime!rel wdibokodak3vtActor: magpalbog Undergoer: ipalbogTo lay a child down; to lay something down.Ipalbog mo tang aldan ong dobali tang balay.Lay the ladder down on the other side of the house.lolbogan1der.n

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