tobli3vtActor: maN- Undergoer: -enTo rob; to steal, take something that is not yours (lit. to inherit it); for a man to have an affair with another man's wife (lit. to steal, or inherit someone's wife); for a woman to have an affair (lit. to be stolen or inherited by another man); to do something behind a person's back, or use something of theirs, without their knowledge, i.e. to take advantage of a situation.Ang balay amen sinobli ta takawan.Our house was robbed by a thief.Nataliodo ka lamang, sinobling lagi tang kosi tang yan.I just happened to turn my back for a moment, and immediately the cat stole the fish.Binonloko tang tanan ang mga kamosi amen tenged agtoblien da ta baboy.I dug up all our cassava because they were being taken by the pigs.Agtoblien tang kamalayo mga mapagalin tang katawa na.My neighbor is having an affair (lit. being stolen, inherited) whenever her husband leaves town.Panobli lamang tang babay ang magalig mga mapagalin tang katawa na.The woman is going around without her husband's knowledge every time he leaves.Agtoblien lamang nira tang tatay nira, mga mapagalin da indi ra mamagobra, mamagkayam da.They take advantage of their father, whenever he leaves they don't work, they just play.rel wdsamantalatakaw

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