poyapōya1n., adjA loved or dear one; a child who is favored, or is the favorite one.Angay indi papagobraen mo tang ana mong asia, sigoro pōya mo?Why aren't you making that child of yours work, is he perhaps your favorite? antpalangga 12vtActor: maN- Undergoer: -en, ma-To love someone dearly; to show special attention to a child; to spoil a child.Masiadoang mamōyā ong ana mo, animan tegat tang kolo na.You really spoil your child, that's why he's hardheaded.Agpōyaeno tang anao ang ari tenged malasiten.I show special attention to my youngest child because she is sickly.Asing ge-leyo pa, napōya-pōyao tang lolao.When I was little, I was dearly loved by my grandmother.antlipi-lipi 1ov synlābi 1palangga 1

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