kontrata1nA written or spoken contract, agreement.Sinopay naging tistigos ong kontrata mi?Who signed as a witness to your contract? ov synkaligenan2der. ofligenka-telanpinagampangan2vtActor: maN- Undergoer: i-To make a contract or agreement with someone; to contact people who will commit to something, often with regards to buying meat or an animal.Ba-lo ita magpatay ta baboy, mangontrata kang lagi ta mangambag para sigoradong malobot.Before we kill the pig, first go contact people who will commit to buy the meat so that we will be sure it will all be sold.Ikontrata mo kay ta mamakal tang baboyo don ong Concepcion.Please look for someone who will commit to buy my pig there on Concepcion island.ov syntrato

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