depdēp1<Not Sure>1.1vtTo arrest or apprehend a person; tto pursue someone; to catch a person or an animal; to catch a fish with the hands.Patigayon mo kay ang dēpen tang yan komo anday gēdo ang isibat.Please catch the fish with your hands because I have no machete to stab it with.Nandēpo ta yan ong enasan asing nanilawo.I caught some fish by hand in the tidal area when I went out looking for shells.Pamagdēp tang mga polis ong kolono ang naglayas ong prisoan.The policemen are pursuing the criminal that escaped from the prison.2vt2.1To catch someone in the act; to catch someone in their words.Kinabotana yen ang pagkalo-kalo tang mga gamito, nadepa yen.I came upon you messing with my things, I caught you in the act.3vt3.1To trick; to trap someone in their words or actions.Maning ta si tang te-ma nira para dēpdēpen nira si Jesus ong sabat na agod madimanda nira tanandia.Their question was like that in order to trap Jesus in his answer so that they could file a complaint against him.4vt4.1To understand, to get someone's meaning or the point of what they said.Ang molang asia dorog ka brait, ang maski onopay gaba-yan na gadēp nang lagi.That child is very bright, whatever he hears he gets it right away.

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