ekang1vi., vtActor: m- Undergoer: -enFor something to accidentally pull out, or work itself loose and protrude from where it was placed; for a glued-in or nailed-in piece of wood to become loose or lift off; to intentionally pull something out.Minekang da tang lansang ong kodal animan nangomito ta martilio para po-pokon.The nail was protruding from the fence, so I got a hammer in order to pound it in.Ang angkla ibanet mo ta mo-ya ong kenay, itaben mekang ong sobrang kalangeb.Push the anchor down deep and hard in the sand, perhaps it might work itself loose because of the big waves.Ekangen mo kay tang lansang ong lebleb.Please pull out the nail from the wall.Maliwag ang ekangen tang bēlek mga gered ong bolog.It's difficult to pull out an oyster shell if it is wedged deep in the coral.2vActor: Reduplication: mag--anFor two things to separate, pull apart from each other; to become unstuck.Bo-bokan mo ta wi tang kirong pamagtekeban, way indi ra magekangan. Pour water on the dogs that are fighting, look, they won't pull apart from each other.

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