bitay1<Not Sure>1.1vtTo hang something up above, out of reach, on a beam or large hook.Ibitayo tang kaldiro ong dibabaw agod indi makabot tang kosi.I'll hang the pot up above so the cat can't reachIbitaya yen mga india magtoman tang tobolo!I'll hang you up above [on a large hook] if you don't obey my instructions!2vt2.1viFor something to be barely attached, almost coming off where it's hung, swinging back-and-forth.Bibitay-bitay lamang tang tina-dang ang pa-kal ong lansang.The lamp which she hung up on the nail is barely attached and swinging back-and-forth.3vi3.1For a person to hang themselves to commit suicide.Ganing tang doma, ang taw ang pagbitay tang sadili na, indi maka-yat ong langit.Some people say that a person who hangs himself/herself won't be able to climb up to heaven.

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