silig1nwalis ting-tingBroom made of coconut palm leaf midribs.The palm leaves are stripped and the midribs dried in the sun. Then they are bundled together and tied at the top. These brooms are used inside on split-bamboo floors or outside in the yard.2vi., vtActor: maN- Undergoer: -en Goal: -anTo sweep; to sweep something up.Siligen mo kay tang po-pot ong sirong tang balay.Please sweep up the trash under the house.Indi poiding manilig mga may patay ong balay.You can't sweep if there is a dead person in the house.Some believe that it is also bad luck to sweep after dark. Another belief is if a person waves a broom at the dark clouds, they will sweep the rain away.rel wdkalig 1walis tambo

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