tenged1unspec. var.gatengedan1conjtenged, tenged ongdahil; kasi; sapagkat; pagkatBecause; because of; by means of.Magpaeyepo rin ta loya ong albolario tenged indio mapoyat.I'll have the folk healer blow ginger on me because I can't sleep.Na-led tanandia ta obra tenged lamang tinabangan tang tata na.He was able to get a job just because his uncle helped him.India magpanaw atan tenged dorog kataliat.Don't walk there because it's very slippery.Balten amo tang Dios tenged ong tabang mi ong yen.God will repay you for your help to me.Tenged ong bagio, ang paray amen ay nado-dot ong mageyep.Because of the typhoon, our rice was shredded to pieces by the wind.Namoirsa tang nēmo tenged ong laygay mo ong yen.I was encouraged by your advice to me.antkomoov synay6komorel wdaniman 12vGoal/Referent: ma--anTo be or become the reason for something; the cause of something.Yawa sigoro tang gatengedan tang kasisilagen na.Perhaps you are the cause of his anger.ov syngikan 1rel wdkaning

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