aligalíg1<Not Sure>1.1vi., vtTo walk around; to wander around a certain place.India kay magalig mandian ang labi tenged maki-lep, anday bolan.Don't go walking around tonight because it is dark, there is no moon.Inalig nira tang kabobokidan, natarakan nira asing laling katian.They wandered around the forest, and they came across that wild man.1.2viTo wander around; to run around as teenagers will do.Angay india ra ka sinoram tang alig labi-labi?Why don't you ever get sick of running around every night?1.3adjAlways wandering around the streets.Doroa ka enged kāligan! Animan gabagata ta kasoay mo!You are really always wandering around! That's why you always run into trouble!2adj2.1statFor something to have spread, such as a skin rash or blemishes on a body.Aroy, alig da tang alapap ong boko-boko mo.Oh my, your skin blemishes have already spread to your back.

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