so-sod2var. ofsodsod4unspec. var.sodsod21nA triangular-shaped net like a big scoop with a long bamboo handle. (It is pushed like a push broom through shallow water to collect edible snails and small fish.)2vi., vtActor: maN- Undergoer: -anTo push the so-sod net through shallow water to get, collect snails and small fish; the things collected in the net.Mano-sodo rin lagat-lagat mga pela ra.I'll push the sod-sod net later when it is low tide.Yading sino-sodan amen ang sikad-sikad.We got many sikad-sikad shells in our so-sod net.ipano-sodder.nMasinlong ipano-sod mga ang pela latawon da.A good time to go out with the triangular so-sod net is when low tide is a little bit deep.

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