lobot1viUndergoer: ma- Goal: ma--anubosFor something to become consumed, be used up; to run out of something; for something to cease.Madaling galobot tang golay ang pagalin ong Cuyo tenged maliwag ta golay ong Agutaya.The vegetables that come over from Cuyo island are quickly all bought up (lit. consumed) because vegetables are scarce on Agutaya.Asing nalo-tan da tanira ta belat, namakal lamang ong Cuyo.When they ran out of rice, they just bought some in Cuyo.Indi enged malobot-lobot tang kasisintiren tang popotokon na tenged ong ana nang nalmet.Her grief over her child who drowned will never cease (lit. will never be used up).antkeret 2ov synlap 1porawaswara12vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -on, ma-To consume, use something all up; to completely finish doing something.Lo-ton tang lagi tang tera, itaben mabanglet.Let's consume all the viand right now otherwise it might spoil.Naloboto rang nabedbed tang mga onipormi.I've been able to completely finish sewing all the uniforms.Tang paneng ang manong naglobot tang koma amen, animan anda ray nāyeg.A flock of chickens consumed everything in our field, so we had nothing left to harvest.3statlobot daConsumed; all used up; all gone.Lobot da tang belat ta.Our rice is all gone.ov synidso 1impas 1sid 1todas 14advlobotEntirely; completely; all.Dayon ang siminomba tang balay nira, ig lobot ang nangabola-tak.Their house proceeded to fall over, and completely broke apart.Ang mga boto tang mano lobot ang singkeb tang mga ogak.All the baby chicks were entirely snatched up and eaten by crows.rel wdkomplito 1porostanan

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