balay1<Not Sure>1.1nHouse; home; building; residence. (For the parts of a house, see the Appendices.)1.2viTo go from house to house.Pamalay-balay tang mga kandidato mga timpo politika.Candidates go from house to house during campaign periods.1.3exprHello, anybody home?1.4viTo call out at a house, saying Tagbalay!1.5vtTo use something as a house; make something into a home, house.Agbalayan ta namo tang sirong tang katri.Mosquitoes make their home underneath beds.2vt2.1nAnything used to house something; housing.Ang makinao ang palamedbedan masinlo pa, piro ang balay na galambing da.My sewing machine is still good, but its cabinet (lit. housing) is already dilapidated.Olday ka ta balay ta posporo. Please give me a matchbox (lit. house of the matches).Aroy, ang koartao nabo-log da ong balay tang koday!Oh no, my money has fallen into the hole (lit. home) of a land crab!balay-balay1der.nkamalay1der.npamalay-balay1der.n

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