kepa1nipaThe fine chaff left after milling rice grain. (It is usually fed to pigs.)2adjkepaenFor milled rice to still have chaff or empty husks in it.Kaministiran ang tāpan tang belat ang giniling tenged kepaen. The rice that has been milled needs to be winnowed because there's still some chaff in with it.Kepaen ka tang belat ang nabakalo.The rice I happened to buy is full of rice chaff.3adjmakepaFor unmilled rice grain to be full of rice husks with no kernel inside; for rice in the field to have no kernels inside the grain heads.Dapat ang paray ang makepa mapakolāyan.Rice grain full of empty husks needs to be winnowed in the wind.Mga ang paray pagkapirdi, makepa. When rice is damaged by the weather, the grain heads have no kernels in them.rel wdlābangpasi 1tiki-tiki

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