komit1<Not Sure>1.1vtTo go and get something; to fetch or retrieve something; to take something out of the place it was put or stored; to catch fish, edible snails, etc; to understand, "get" a joke or a person's meaning.Komiten mo kay tang sabon don ong banyo.Please get the soap there in the bathroom.Anday nakomit nira tenged nabontok tang tamsi.They didn't catch anything because the fishing line broke.Indi nakomit na tang onopay maliagong yaning.He didn't get what I meant.2vt2.1vtTo remove something; to detach, take something down; to to do away with something; to dismiss someone from their job; to take something that is not yours, i.e. to steal something.Kinomit na tang ba-long mga kortina, anday sayod ono ang pa-dekan.She took down the new curtains, she said they were not nice to look at.Pakomitano rin ta poling tang matao.I'll have someone remove the bit of dirt from my eye.Ang dogo ta mga ayep indi enged mapagkomit ta mga kasalanan.The blood of animals indeed cannnot remove sins.Anday kalaomo ang komiteno ra ong obrao.I had no idea that I was about to be dismissed from my job.2.2viFor something to come off, fall out, became unattached.Nakomit si tang salamin ong antiparao.The lenses came out of my eyeglasses' frame again.Maski agkoskosono ta mo-ya tang boling tang kaldiro indi ra makomit. Even if I'm scrubbing the dirt on the pot really hard it won't come off anymore.3vi3.1To miscarry; to spontaneously abort (literally, for the mother to have the fetus unintentionally removed from her).Nakomitan tanandia tenged nadagpa.She had a miscarriage because she tripped and fell.4vi4.1To collapse; to have the "wind knocked out" (lit. to have one's breath taken away).5vi5.1To lose consciousness; to faint.

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