indi11<Not Sure>1.1No; not.Indio ra tomabid ong nira.I will not go along with them anymore.Indi namangan tang mola.The child didn't eat.anteeantee2<Not Sure>2.1tag quesDidn't...?; Isn't it so?; So then...?Ay, para kaman may aroman na, indi namangan ami ra?So he would have a companion, we ate too, didn't we? Indi na ka, yamo tang nabagato talabi?Isn't it so, you were the one I met last night?Ganing tanira, "Magdilem ita ta baboy." Indi, panaw da tanira.They said, "Let's look for a pig." So then they walked off.3tag ques3.1exprI won't do it; I don't want to; I don't like it.3.2exprDon't!; Don't do that!Indi! Itaben mabo-loga!Don't! You might fall!4expr4.1vtTo refuse someone's request for a favor or help, literally, to say "No".Mga maimo, indi ami ka pangindian mo.If possible, please don't refuse us.Indio mapagpaindi ong tangayo.I cannot say no to my friend.

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