temtem1<Not Sure>1.1statFor something to be saturated or permeated with something that has been absorbed into it; for something to taste or smell strongly of something.Pisan ang temtem ta kasin tang daing mo.Your dried fish is really saturated with salt (i.e. is very salty).Aroy, ang lambong mong asia temtem da ta pabanglo!Wow, your clothing smells strongly of perfume!Ang taw ang asia ang sinangoni na temtem da ta bolong, indi ra de-deken ta masit.That person's body is saturated with medicine, he won't be penetrated anymore by illness.2stat2.1vstatFor an iillness to become chronic, lingering, with no relief.Pisana rang tinemteman tang keykey mo tenged asta mandian indi pago-ya.Your cough has really become chronic already because until now it is not getting better.3vstat3.1vtFor a person to hold a grudge, hold on to bad feelings (lit. to allow pain to permeate one's inner self).Maski nama-dolo ra ta pasinsia, pagpatemtem pa ka enged tang sit tang nem na.Even though I asked for forgiveness, she is still holding on to her hurt feelings.

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