risibivtActor: mag- Undergoer: -en, ma-tanggap; kamitTo receive, accept something; to accept a situation that is difficult; for a person to be received, accepted into someone's home, family, or community; to be hired for a job or position.Ang koartang pinekel mo, mandian lamang narisibio. As for the money you sent, I just happened to receive it today.Risibien mo ra lamang tang pinekelong koarta ong ni Tay Jose.Just receive the money I sent through Uncle Jose.Ang mga ba-long graduates ay nangarisibi tang diploma nira asing kaldaw tang gradoasion.The new graduates received their diplomas on graduation day.Indi enged risibieno tang rigalo mo.I really will not accept your gift.Asta mandian, maliwag pang marisibi amen ang patay da tang tatay amen.Even now, it's difficult for us to accept that our father is dead.Maski yadi ami, rinisibi ami ka tang Kapitan ang magdayon ong balay na.Even though we were many, we were received by the Barangay Captain to stay in his house.Anday pēlo ong iskoilan, animan indio risibien. I have no influence at the school, therefore I won't be hired.ov synasir

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