lemeklēmek1adjmalēmekmalambotTender, soft as of meat, beans that are boiled; mushy, as of rotten fish, etc.; soft, as of a mattress; loose, as of a cough.Masabor tang karni mga malaoya ta osto ig malemek ang panganen.Meat is delicious when boiled well with vegetables and it is tender to eat.Pagkeykey tang mola piro malemek da.The child is coughing but it (i.e. the phlegm) is already loose. antdeten 22vi., vtActor/Undergoer: maN- Undergoer: pa--enFor something to become soft or tender; to make food soft or tender, usually by boiling it; for a person's heart to become soft, i.e. tender and caring.Ang mga lomabeng maboay ang manlemek piro ang malayo indi maboay.The red lomabeng beans take a long time to become soft, but the small, green malayo beans do not.Palemeken kang lagi tang karni ba-lo betangan ta golay.Soften the meat first (i.e. by boiling) before putting in the vegetables.Ipangadi ta tang taw ang tegat ta kolo ang balampa palemeken tang Dios tang popotokon na.Let's pray for the hardheaded person that hopefully God will soften his heart.antma-ten 1tegat 1malemek ta popotokon1id.adj

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