lenget1vi., vtActor: -om-, mapa- Undergoer: i-, ipa- Goal: -an, pa--anpalapitTo come or go close, to approach; to place or bring something close to something else.Lemengeta ngani tani, indio mabasi tang agbibitala mo.Come close here, I can't hear what you are saying.India palenget mga may panandal ta kasoy, sia pamaso tang tagek na.Don't go close if someone is roasting cashew nuts, because its oil causes burns.Ang mga soltiros linegetan tang polis ig sine-ma mga onopay agboaten nira.The young men were approached by the police and were questioned as to what they were doing.Indi ipalenget mo tang kingki ong kortina, itaben masirok ita.Don't place the small oil lamp near the curtain, we might be burned.Pinalengetan amen tang mamolang pandelep ong talsi.We approached the children playing in the ocean.2viActor: Reduplication: maglengetan, maginalengetanFor two people or two groups to be situated close together.Oman ang distansia amen indi ami ka paginalengetan tani, indi ka paginalawidan.Then our distance was that we were weren't too close, nor were we too far from each other.3adj., advalengetNear, nearby; close; about to; soon.Ang tanek nira ay alenget don ong Masinggi.Their land is close there to Masinggi.antalawid 1rel wdalenget

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