ke-keb1<Not Sure>1.1viFor a boat, or people in a boat, to capsize, be turned upside down.Nagke-keb tanira tenged ang panimon baleng.They capsized because the one driving the boat was drunk.antbendasigaya 22vi2.1viTo fall face down; to lie flat on one's stomach, face down.Kimine-keb tang taw ong sobrang kastigo tang kasoay na.The man fell down face first because his enemies beat him so badly.Pasigayaen mo kay tanandia, tenged pirming keke-keb. Turn her on her back because she is always lying on her stomach.2.2vtTo turn something over; turn upside down; turn something face down.Mga tapos amo ra ang magsolat tang sabat, ipake-keb mi tang papel.When you are finished writing your answers, turn your papers face down. Pake-keben mo kay tang bilog mga kokoran.Please turn the small boat upside down when it rains.antsigaya 1

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