dibabaw11n., loctaasUp above; upstairs; on top.Koma-yata kay don ong dibabaw, komiten mo kay tang toaliao.Please climb up there upstairs, please get my towel.Aroy, ang mga kambing asi ra ong dibabaw tang simban!Oh my, the goats are there up on top of the church!antadalem 7babakanidalemov synta-paw 12viActor: pa-To ascend, go up.Oman golpi lamang napadibabaw ang iroplano.Then the airplane suddenly went up. 3vtActor: magpa- Undergoer: ipa-To raise, elevate something.Ipadibabaw mo kay tang ta-bayan para indi kaboton tang mamola.Please raise the clothesline up so that the children cannot reach it.antpababakunspec. var. ofbabakov synpalawigunspec. var. oflawig

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