so-sok1<Not Sure>11.1vtTo insert or stick something inside a space; to weave something in and out to secure it.Sino-soko tang papel ong aroman na para indi malipat.I inserted the piece of paper in with the others so it would not get lost.Naso-soko ra tang karton ong boloat tang katep para indi tomorok.I have already inserted the piece of carton in the hole in the roof so it won't leak.Indi baya mabo-log tang lapis ang soso-sok na ong boa na.The pencil she has sticking in her hair really won't fall out.Mga masi-lito tang agboatenong tamping oman yawa ray magso-sok. When I weave the opening of the basket, then you be the one to weave the last strip in and out.soro-sokan2der.1n22.1nStep-in or slip-on slippers without a rubber thong between the toes.Mamakalo rin ta tsinilasong so-sok. I'll buy myself a pair of step-in slippers.

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