reges1<Not Sure>1.1vtTo insist on something; to force or coerce someone to do something; to pressure a person to do something; to make oneself do something.Rinegeso nandia ang tomabid.He insisted I come along.Naregesano ang magkanta maski indio mātako.I made myself sing even though I don't know how.Ang mepet mga malamig ay garegesan da lamang ang mandigo.When it is cold the old people just force themselves to bathe.1.2adjInsistent.Ang taw ang doro kareges madaling asilagan.An insistent person quickly makes others mad at him.2adj2.1advTo be fond of doing something; to habitually do something.Ang mga mola mareges ang mamagwasag ta mga libro.The children habitually scatter the books around.Mareges tanandia ang manimara ta lambong, na sigoro pagpariaw da.She is fond of changing her clothes, maybe she is trying to attract someone.

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