ki-lep<Not Sure>11.1adjDark; dim; cloudy; overcast.Ang koarto amen maki-lep tenged tambilog lamang tang talamban na.Our room is dark because it only has one window.Doro kaki-lep tang onom, sigoro komoran.The clouds are very dark, maybe it will rain.antmayag11.2adjFor a person's eyesight to be dim.Maki-lep da tang pama-deko.My eyesight is already dim.antmayag11.3viFor the sky to become dark, cloud up.Pangi-lep si, komoran da.It is becoming cloudy again, it's about to rain.antayag1 1antayag1 1.3ayag1 1.4kāyagan 4.1der. ofayag1kaki-lepan2der.1nantayag1 122.1vstatTo be unenlightened (lit. mind darkened); to be ignorant, unknowledgeable about things; to be slow to understand.Agpangi-lep pa tang isip nira ong agtotoldok ong nira.Their minds are still unenlightened regarding what they are being taught.antayag1 133.1vstatTo be, feel angry (literally, to be overcome with darkness).Mga gaitao ong taw ang asia pisanong agpangi-lepan. When I see that person I feel very angry.

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