sadili1nSelf; oneself.Doroag kamalaerepen, indiang pisan mawid tang sadili mo. You are so easily irritated, you really don't control yourself.2expranda ong sadili naNot in his right mind (lit. not in himself).Ang taw ang asia anda ra ong sadili na, sigi lamang tang panaw.That person is no longer in his right mind, he just keeps walking around.3adjsadili, may sadilisariliOne's own.May sadili ming tanek?Do you have your own land?4vtUndergoer: -enTo keep something for oneself; to act selfishly.Mintras pamagkayam ta basketball, ang tata ong nira agsadilien na lamang tang bola.While they were playing basketball, one of them was just keeping the ball to himself. ov synaken 1ispot 15viActor: maN-To keep to oneself; to be private; self-centered; to obtain, get one's own house, vehicle, etc.; to be self-sufficient; to live independently.Ang nem na panadili, indi pagigampang-ampang.He keeps to himself, he doesn't converse with others.Para anday mabitala ong nio dapat manadilia ta balay ang istaran mo.So that nothing can be said negatively about you, you should just get your own house to live in.ov syntaw 1

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