alengetadj., advmalapitNear, nearby; close to; about to; soon.Gistar tanandia ong tatang alenget ang banoa.He lives in a nearby town.Ang tanek nira ay alenget don ong Masinggi.Their land is close there to Masinggi.Mo-yang taw tanandia ig alenget tang nem na ong Dios.He is a good person and he (lit. his inner being) is close to God.Asing alenget ami ra ong Canipo, golping lamang nanampo ig indi ra gitaen tang banoa.When we were close to Canipo island, there suddenly was a squall and land could no longer be seen.Ganing tang doma, alenget da ono tang kataposan tang kalibotan.Some say that the end of the world is reportedly near. Asing alenget dang mapatay tang mepet, pinagoyan na tang tanan ang mga ampo nang palenget ong nandia.When the old person was close to dying, he had all of his grandchildren summoned to come close to him.Garamal da mandian ig alenget dang tenla tang kaldaw.It is very early morning now and the sun is about to come up.antalawid 1alawid 5rel wdlenget 1toga1 1

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