tagsing2vi., vtActor: mag- Undergoer/Instrument: -enTo play a tossing game by throwing a small item (for example, a cashew nut) from a distance into a hole in order to flip other nuts out; the items, or tokens, used in this game.Mga tagkakasoy ang mamola pamagtagsing ta kasoy.When it is cashew fruit season, children play by throwing cashew nuts into holes. Asing mola ami pa, ang agtagsingen amen ang dapa ta botilia.When we were children, what we used for throwing into the hole were bottlecaps.This is a game that children play. When it's a child's turn, if he is able to cause a nut to flip out of the hole by hitting it with his nut, that nut also becomes his. Other items used as tokens in this game include rubber bands, coins, and bottlecaps. These tokens are referred to as patad.rel wdpatad

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