loa<Not Sure>11.1n., locOutside; outdoors.Sigoro bino-wanan tang planggana ong loa. Maybe the washbasin was left outside.1.2vi., vtTo go outside; to exit; to come out of something.Lomboa amo kay tani agod itaen mi kang pagsontokan.Please come outside so that you can see the men hitting each other.Oman siminled ami si ong poirtan ang lindoan amen.Then we went inside again through the door we had exited from. Pamalita ono ang aglibakeno tanandia, piro ong matod anday limindoa ong angao.It's being newsed around that I was backbiting her, but in truth nothing came out of my mouth.antteled 11.3vtTo take or bring something outside; to take something out from where it was hidden or stored; to send something, someone outside; to release someone from the hospital or prison.Paloaen mo tang kiro ong kosina.Send the dog out of the kitchen.Ipaloa mo tang mga silya para ong bisita ta.Please bring out some chairs for our visitors.antlogod2pa-ledantteled 1.2lololoan1der.rololoan1der.1n22.1viTo appear (lit. to come out) as of someone appearing on the scene.May mamansiloa atan ang mga taw ang maning tanira, tanira ono tang Cristo.There will be people who will appear and say that they reportedly are the Christ.33.1viTo come out, as of evidence or truth coming to light; to end up as the result of something; for something to turn out or end up a certain way.Ang laling nangatawa si ta doma, loloang pangombabay tanandia.The man who marries another [woman] again, this results in him committing adultery.Nontokaw maraeyaken ka rin, mandian limindoa rang maintirimis.In the past he seemed so shy, now he's ended up being a joker.3.2derv. nThe end result of an action or a situation.Oman ang lindoan na, naglain tang nem nira ong tata may tata.And then the result of it was that they came to have bad feelings towards each other.May aplanon nira piro ong ori namagbereblag lamang ang anday lindoan na. They were planning something but in the end they all just separated and nothing came of it (lit. no result).44.1nShow; performance.4.2vtTo perform, as in a show or concert.Indi pinaloa nira tang tayaw tenged indi pa mangatako tang mga mamagtayaw.They didn't perform their dance because the ones dancing don't know it yet.

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