laboay1<Not Sure>1.1vi., vtFor something to hang down and be seen; to stick up, to extend out or beyond a point; to pass in height; to be higher or taller than something else.Panlaboay da tang nagoas mo ong saya mo.Your long half-slip is hanging down below your skirt.Masinlong pa-dekan tang ibabawen, anday lalaboay, telelepeng.The grass looks beautiful, no blades are sticking up higher than the others, they are all the same height.Aglaboayana ra tang ari mo.You are already being passed up in height by your younger brother.2vi., vt2.1viTo be above, better than others; to be more important, greater than others.Galiag din ang manlaboay ong tanan piro indi masarang.He would like to be better than everyone else but that's not within his capability.

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