kalisvtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enTo level off rice, etc. when measuring it; for a person to wipe their runny nose (lit. mucus) on the back of their hand or arm.Kalisen mo ta osto mga pagsekeba ta belat.Level off the rice well when you measure it out.Aroy! Kinalis mo si tang alobang mo?Oh my! Did you wipe your runny nose again on the back of your hand?antobong 1obong 2ov syntampaytapankalalisen da ong gantanganid.exprDoro rang talak mo, kalalisen da ong gantangan! Your sins are so many, it's time to level off the rice measuring box! (This means it's time for the child to be punished in order to reduce his wrongs.)

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