ki-kibvtActor: mag- Goal: -anTo eat or gnaw on something large while holding it with the hands; to tear something apart with the teeth.Pagki-kiba si ta paomanggang ilaw, taben magsit tang sian mo.You're eating unripe mangoes again, perhaps you'll get a stomachache.Way ang baboy, pagki-kib da tang nioy.Look at the pig, it's tearing the coconut apart with its teeth. Ono si siang agki-kiban mo?What is that you are gnawing on again?Kimini-kib tanandia ong bato pagkabot na don ong Linabog para mailala tang mga sapat don.He gnawed on a rock when he arrived there on Linabog island so that the sapat spirits living there would know him.Some people say that when a person arrives in a new place, they should gnaw on a large rock by the beach so that the evil spirits will know them and not cause anything bad to happen to them.ov syningkiblatab

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