teyeb1viActor: -om-, magpa-ikotFor something to turn, spin, or twirl around in a circle; to spin oneself around.Indi ra teteyeb tang rilo, sigoro malobay da tang batiria na.The hands on my watch aren't turning around anymore, maybe the battery is weak.Pagpateyeb-teyeb tang mola animan natomba.The child was causing himself to spin and spin around therefore he fell over.2viActor/Undergoer: teteyeb tang koloTo feel dizzy, literally, for one's head to spin around.Angay bato teteyeb tang kolō, midio matombao ra.I wonder why my head is spinning around, it's as if I'm going to fall over.ov synilo-ilo3vtUndergoer: ipa-To turn something around to face the other direction.Tabangay ka, ipateyeb ta kay tang aparador.Come help me, let's turn the cupboard around.ov synteyek

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