elat1vi., vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enhintayTo wait for someone, something; to be expecting someone's arrival.Elatay ka mga molika ra, geldano mga anday aromano.Please wait for me when you go home, I'm afraid without a companion.Pagelat tang manang mo ong nio don ong talongan tang iskoilan.Your older sister is waiting for you there in front of the school.Gelaten da tanandia mandian obin ang damal.She is expected today or tomorrow.Ang mga pamagto ong ni Cristo may aggelaten nira ang tinagana tang Dios para ong nira don ong langit.Those who believe in Christ have something they are waiting for which God has reserved for them there in heaven.rel wdkabot 1mantinir2exprelat kanayWait a minute!Elat kanay! Midio gailalā yen.Wait a minute! It seems I know you.

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