saborsabór1<Not Sure>1.1adjDelicious; good tasting; tasty; tastes good.Masabor tang panlotok na tang karning kambing.The goat meat she cooked was delicious. antmalasay1.2vtTo make something delicious, good tasting.Pasaboron mo kay tang panimpla mo tang kapi.Make your mixing of the coffee taste good. 1.3vstatTo enjoy the taste of something; to find something delicious.Ang mga taw pisan ang agpanaboran tang lotokong karning kambing.The people really enjoy the taste of my dish of goat meat.1.4adjA person or animal who loves to eat, finds everything delicious to eat.Ang baboy ang ge-ley masabor ang mamangan, sia madaling manambek.The little pig loves to eat, he will quickly get fat.2adj2.1Refreshing.Masabor ang mapoyat mga malamig-lamig.It's refreshing to sleep when it is cool.3adj3.1Words, speeches that sound nice or are flowery (lit. delicious words).Ang taw ang naka dorog kasabor tang bitala na asing pagprisintar na ong ana na agod risibien tang ginikanan tang babay.This person's words were so very flowery when he presented his son so that the girl's parents would receive him.

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