degdegdēgdēg1vtActor: maN- Undergoer: -enapiTo mistreat, treat unfairly; to take advantage of or oppress others; to persecute, treat cruelly; to take something back that was given.Yaming malised agdēgdēgen da lamang tang manggaden.We poor people are just being oppressed by the rich.Binakalano ta ba-long lambong tang ario, piro dinēgdēgo tenged korsonadao ka.I bought a new item of clothing for my younger sibling but then took it back because I really liked it too.antkamped 2lābi 2tepedte-tep2adjmadēgdēgTo be unfair.Madēgdēg ong mga logod na tenged indi partian na tang toroblian nirang tanek.He is unfair with his siblings because he won't share their inherited land.ov synagrabiado 1akig 1bigbiglipi-lipi 1maltrato

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