ongaw1namoyThe smell, aroma of something.Ang ongaw tang aglotokon na ay mabanglo.The aroma of what she is cooking smells good.2viUndergoer: m-For something to give off a smell; for something to be "off", smell bad.Kamangian mo tang ginatan ang kalabasa agod mongaw ta masabor.Add kamangi leaves to your coconut-milk squash so that it will smell delicious.Telekan mo kay tang karni, midio gongaw da?Take a look at the meat, is it smelling bad already?Onopa sing gongaw ta makangit?What is that that smells so acrid?3vtActor: mag-, ma- Undergoer: -on, ma-To intentionally smell or sniff something; to happen, or be able, to smell something.Way, ang molang ge-ley pagongaw tang mga rosas mo.Look, the little child is sniffing your flowers.Ongawon mo kay naning anen mga belag pa ka ta mabanglet.Please smell this rice to see if it is not spoiled yet.Ganing tanandia, may nantaki ong loa piro anda kay gaongawo. She said someone defecated outside, but I can't smell anything.ov synsingot 1rel wdbanglo 1kalpot 1gongaw-ongaw da ta lasona2id.expr

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