kiritot1<Not Sure>1.1adjFor something like cloth or plastic to be wrinkled, puckered or creased.Anday sayod tang lambong ang binedbed mo, kiritot. The dress you sewed doesn't look nice, it's puckered.1.2viTo become wrinkled, puckered, or creased.Ang mantil tang lamisan nagkiritot da tenged natendan tang plantsan ang makinit.The plastic tablecloth became puckered because she put the hot iron on top of it.Angay ang mga ogat ong bisit mo pisan ang pagkiritot? Why are the veins in your calf really puckered and bulging?2vi2.1vtTo bend a wire.Kiniritot na tang alambri para boaten ang tara-dangan.He bent the wire to make a hook for hanging something up.3vt3.1adjTo be afraid of someone or something, literally, to shrink back in fear, or to be bent over with fear.Kiritot tanandia ong yen mga maita lamang tang palo.He is afraid of me when he just sees the stick used for whipping.

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