dapo11viActor: mamasi-, -om-dapoTo alight on or swarm on, gather around something; to be attracted, drawn to something like a magnet.Ang yan mga gaita ta pa-kal, pamansidapo. When the fish see the light, they are drawn to it.Dadapo tang kalalandong ong rosas.Butterflies are attracted to the flowers.Yading mga ikap-ikap ang dadapo ong pa-kal.Many flying termites are swarming around the light.2vtGoal: pa--an Undergoer: -onTo cause, allow something to swarm or gather around something; for people to swarm, gather around something, usually food.Agpadapoan nira ta kiro tang patay ang ayep don ong baybay.They are allowing dogs to gather around the dead animal on the beach.Mga may kombida, agdapon ta dorong taw.When there is party with food, many people gather to it. (This is an idiomatic expression, meaning to swarm around the food.)3adj., nA person or animal that is hanging around a place which is not theirs; people who are from another place. (It is very rude to call a person this, as it has a figurative meaning of flies which are swarming.)"Ninopa siang kiro?" "Inayo sia dapo lamang tarin.""Whose dog is that?" "I don't know, he's just hanging around here."Teta ang mga dapo ya ray marereges ang mamangalap ta belag ta iloloak nira.Sometimes people who aren't from here insist on picking fruit from plants which are not theirs.rel wddangep 1tompok 1

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